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May 2018
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Vogue has released a video during which we get to see Blake getting ready for the Met Gala and spoiler alert – There is a Party Bus! You can watch the video bellow, and screen captures have been added to the gallery.

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When Blake Lively wore custom Versace to this year’s Met Gala, the train was of such gargantuan proportions that she had to take a party bus to the ball, stripper pole and neon lights included. Not that she minded; mere minutes before she was fastened into her dress mid-route, a glowing Lively was wrapped in a silk Versace robe—and she’d been dancing with her crew the whole way there.

It’s all in a day’s work for the actress, who received the finishing touches to complete her crowning fashion moment in a sun-drenched suite at the Greenwich Hotel, surrounded by family and friends (and a Vogue film crew). In between bites of cupcakes with sprinkles, Lively shared a few of her favorite Met Gala tips and tricks. First, rent a fabulous party bus, because, as Lively says, “It’s fun with the neon lights and stuff.” Then get a dress. As simple as these two pearls of wisdom may sound, Lively reminds us that the buses can be hard to come by (particularly during prom season!) and her dress was the result of a carefully coordinated effort. And considering it took 600 hours to embroider the bodice alone, what better way to celebrate all of that effort than with a splashy ride with your crew on fashion’s biggest night?

For a behind-the-scenes look at Lively’s getting-ready process, watch the video above.

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